In his most ambitious epic to date, Izawa tackles for the first time the mysteries of the world in a historical journey of intrigue and cross-cultural understanding.

Having sold over five million copies of his work in his native Japan, best-selling author Motohiko Izawa releases his newest opus, now in English!

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[Chapter 3] The Origins of Monotheism

[Part 1]
A Human Hypothesis

Posted November 15, 2017



Losing to Saladin—An Unsuccessful Third Crusade

Having managed to secure the pilgrimage route from Europe to the Holy Land by retaking Jerusalem in the First Crusade, Christian believers wasted no time in instigating another crusade. It was their answer to Pope Eugene III’s call to retake from ...

Posted October 16, 2017


[Part 1]
A Human Hypothesis


Titles of Influence

Posted September 15, 2017


[Part 1]
A Human Hypothesis


The Greatest Failure of the Crusades and an Emboldened Islamic Force

Posted August 15, 2017


[Part 1]
A Human Hypothesis


Splintered Empires