In his most ambitious epic to date, Izawa tackles for the first time the mysteries of the world in a historical journey of intrigue and cross-cultural understanding.

Having sold over five million copies of his work in his native Japan, best-selling author Motohiko Izawa releases his newest opus, now in English!

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[Chapter 3] The Origins of Monotheism

[Part 1]
A Human Hypothesis

Posted May 15, 2017



The Imam and the Sunni-Shia Conflict

The arrival of Shia Islam ushered in the greatest ideological split the Muslim world had ever seen. Shiites were now the new minority, leaving behind the predominant Sunnis, who saw themselves as mainstream traditionalists.

Posted April 17, 2017


[Part 1]
A Human Hypothesis


The Shias and the Sunnis―A Conflict in Focus

Posted March 15, 2017


[Part 1]
A Human Hypothesis


Monotheism’s The Foundation Stone―Bringing conflict to Humanity

Posted February 15, 2017


[Part 1]
A Human Hypothesis


The Mystery Behind the Veil